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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 12, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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watkins had moved out of the home on sherman street about two months ago. buchanan lives there and invited him in. >> we talked at the table. he said he was unhappy, wasn't feeling right, things in his life. >> reporter: she says no one in the house feared for their lives. watkins played football for de anza college. he was engaged to his girlfriend but the relationship recently ended. his family says he was not a gang member and are no criminal history. he was just distraught over the breakup. his football coach still can't believe it. >> when i first found out it was a shock. we have known this young man. he was on our football team in 2012. it was a championship year for us it. he was a really good player for us. outstanding character. we had no problems with phil at all. he was a good kid. >> reporter: there is a lot that police have to short out in this case. one of the things they may be looking into is something we heard that watkins may have been the 911 caller himself. that's something that police
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will still have to confirm. as for the two officers, they have been placed on routine paid administrative leave. reporting lookive in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. surveillance photos could help catch the man who knocked a san francisco police officer off a muni platform. police say that this man ran full speed at the officer last month on the muni platform at 4th and king streets. the officer landed on the tracks. he was okay, got up and chased the suspect. the suspect got away. call police if you know anything. outraged protestors barged in on a bart board meeting calling for criminal charges and restitution to be dropped. it stems from a "black lives matter" demonstration last november. kpix 5's anne makovec reports, they won't be getting everything they asked for. >> reporter: protestors interrupted the bart board meeting as members voted 5-4 to ask the district attorney not to pursue $70,000 in restitution from the black friday 14. but to allow the criminal
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charges to stand. >> this is a balancing act. we have many, many people who were riding the train that day who were inconvenienced, unlike the one speaker who spoke. >> reporter: it was black friday 2014 when "black lives matter" protestors chained themselves to bart trains at the west oakland station disrupting the service through the transbay tube for several hours. >> that's what this action was about. disrupting business as usual to elevate the fact that our lives matter. >> reporter: they were arrested for interfering with a railroad operation and track passing. they are due in court next month. anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> in an exclusive kpix 5/surveyusa poll we asked, should the restitution stand? 64% of bay area adults said yes. they want the money paid back. new at 5:00 investigators are a step closer to figuring out what that mystery goo was that killed hundreds of birds in the bay. scientists say the substance is a synthetic or natural oil or
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fat that was dumped in the bay. wildlife officials don't know if it was deliberate or an accidental spill. they are still trying to determine the exact oil or fat- based product. but more than 500 birds were affected last month and at least 300 of them died. and doctors in the bay area say they are seeing a sudden rush at their offices. patients worried about measles and changing their minds about vaccinations. kpix 5's christian hartnett on the latest fallout from the outbreak. christian. >> reporter: well, some parents have very strong feelings about not getting their children vaccinated. but with this measles outbreak growing some doctors say even the most stubborn parents have changed their minds. >> i think we're almost a victim of our own success because there's not disease out there. people don't see the risk or the downside to delaying. >> reporter: the doctor says that's starting to change now. extensive coverage in the media an constant warnings from public health agencies have his patients' attention and his office phone is ringing off the
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hook. >> first they want to make sure their children are up to date and what kind of protection that gives them. they want to know do they need boosters or additional shots. >> reporter: he says more people are coming in for the measles mumps rubella vaccine as well even parents who previously filed personal belief exemptions to keep their kids from getting vaccinated. >> now when you have a case where you have multiple cases popping up and it's starting to hit close to home then i think people say okay this is a good time to do it i now see that risk for my child. >> reporter: the doctor also says that the outbreak has forced his office to use some precautions as well for appointments. he said they keep track of people who have visited his office who are not vaccinated and make sure that they have never been exposed to measles. live in burlingame, christian hartnett, kpix 5. an oakland doctor is using rap music to address the controversy over the measles vaccine. [ rap ]
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>> the doctor from highland hospital hosted it on a website. he first made these videos just for his medical students. but he says that it the recent measles outbreak made him realize it was time for a public service announcement. you can find answers to your questions about measles on our website, that's guidance on whether you should get revaccinated and a list of where the measles has broken out. it's at president obama is going to arrive in the bay area within the hour. here's a live look at sfo. we are told air force one should be here a little after 5:30. that's about 20 minutes from now. the president has a busy schedule once he touches down. he is expected to stay overnight at the san francisco fairmont hotel. streets are closed in that area and muni is rerouting buses. the first event on president obama's agenda is a
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cyber security summit tomorrow at stanford. it's the first time a president has made public remarks at the school since 1975. tomorrow night, he is scheduled to attend a democratic fundraiser on russian hill. the senate easily confirmed ashton carter as the new pentagon chief today. he will take the helm of the department of defense facing the task of steering the military as the u.s. battles isis. the senate approved the president's choice in 93-5 vote. the 60-year-old previously served as the deputy secretary of defense and is well respected on both sides of the aisle. a mysterious looking boat on the bay and tonight we've learned it's all part of a cool new google project. not the google barge. how the same technology behind street view is giving us a whole new perspective on the bay. >> he was busted for beating up an innocent newspaper deliveryman. but the story gets even crazier after he bales out. the attack that put a street vigilante right back in jail.
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>> the forecast low wind chill in philadelphia tonight is 10 degrees below zero. that's about 90 degrees colder than what we have outside right now in the bay area. february 12 and we're taking highs near 80! and the warmest isn't even here yet. find out when the warmest does get here, that's next. >> the "fifty shades of grey" promotion that has parent
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he has been out of jail for 24 hours. one of the men who attacked a newspaper seller by mistake is under arrest again. he is accused of beating up the other suspect's pregnant girlfriend. we reported they allegedly attacked what they thought was a burglar. the victim tried to get away from them. the man had just posted bail. he was apparently driving the other suspect's girlfriend to visit him in jail. police say he got mad about
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losing his cell phone pulled the woman out of the car and kicked her in the stomach! the woman called police. the suspect is now back in jail facing charges of a assault and committing acrime while on bail. >> there was a fire ee crash and suspect on the run. take a look at the damage. two suspects were fleeing police when they crashed this bronco into a creek this morning. they leapt out before it rolled into the water and burst into flames. the 23-year-old driver ran away. police arrested the passenger who stayed on scene. an hour later police found the driver at his house and arrested him on a number of charges. milpitas police are looking for this man in connection with a hit-and-run crash that killed a 14-year-old girl. investigators say 23-year-old alex alcazar is the registered owner of the car involved. his 1992 cadillac el dorado struck a garbage truck last week. the car was found a quarter mile away on fire and with the
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girl's body nearby. police believe she was driving the car. but they are hoping to gather more information from alcazar on the series of events. some loud music could be heard coming from san francisco city hall today. ♪[ music ]♪ >> that's a dance flash mob in the rotunda part of the one billion rising revolution. an event to end violence against females. local leaders shared their passion for stopping these crimes. >> no more violence against young girls and women. we have to be the change that we want to see. so having you all here today gives me the reassurance that something is changing every, single day. >> the one billion rising event took place worldwide today in nearly 200 nations showing their support to end violence against females. a bay area pet bull is one lucky pup. she was found on the side of highway 880 in oakland last night near 66th street. chp says the dog is sweet and
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had clearly been taken care of by someone. officers posted photos of the pup on twitter and facebook and we're happy to report the owner is found and should be reuniting with the dog tonight. it's like street view for our shores. how this google boat could be a breakthrough for understanding the bay. >> and paying more for car insurance because you're single. a major company accused of discrimination. the personal factors that could drive up your rates.
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google is involving in a new mapping effort this time out on the san francisco bay. veronica de la cruz reports from the newsroom. >> reporter: google is now setting its sights on the water. the operation is being conducted off this vessel. we found it tied up at the fort mason marina. mounted on top is google's trekker mapping technology. the project is a partnership with the environmental group baykeepers. the goal is to map the entire bay shoreline.
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this is an example of what they're after. the familiar google street view only showcasing the bay area cities from the water. eventually, you'll be able to navigate your way accessing hundreds of miles of shoreline. baykeeper won $100,000 google grant for the project. >> i think it would be amazing having google maps which is fantastic, i don't see any reason having visual access of the coast online wouldn't be. >> i love to fish, grew up around the coast. so it will help me. >> reporter: there is real science here. the system will help measure bay area water level changes that could help scientists study sensitive bay area happen tabs and keep track of changes to -- habitats and keep track of changes to the bay area shoreline. >> thank you, veronica de la cruz. shipping is stalled at 29 west coast ports right now. that's going to stay that way for most of the long holiday weekend. terminal operators say they are not going to be hiring crews to load or unload ships.
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they accuse the longshoreman's union of slowdowns to gain leverage in contract talks. the pacific maritime association says negotiations resumed this morning. the unions say workers safety is a major sticking point. striking refinery workers are getting a boost of support from registered nurses today. the nurses joined them on the picket lines. >> these, you know, men and women are putting their lives at risk every, single day and they deserve the support of the public and the nurses are out here because we want the public to be safe. >> workers in martinez have been striking at tesoro as part of a national movement by the united steelworkers union over unsafe conditions. when was the last time your car insurance company asked about your job or if you had a college degree? well, on the consumerwatch, julie watts says some are questioning the legality of asking those questions. >> geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> reporter: a popular line from a popular commercial so we
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tested it out. in 15 minutes i discovered i could save 20% based various questions, the only three differentiating factors between this insurance quote for $141 and this one for $112. >> geico is misleading a large number of consumers. >> reporter: the consumer federation of california says there's another issue with their price quoting system. >> they program their websites to produce quotes that are faults, that are illegal, and that are discriminatory. >> reporter: according to this complaint, the company's misleading customers about the amount of auto coverage they are required to have in california. he says good drivers who are unmarried blue collar don't have a degree and aren't currently covered are automatically begin more
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expensive online quotes based on coverage limits five, 10 times what's required by state law. >> geico has selected certain drivers for this special unfair treatment. >> reporter: he contends it's intentional and discriminatory possibly to encourage certain drivers to get coverage somewhere else. >> it would take a very curious inquisitive or perhaps web savvy kinds consumer to say, that doesn't sound right. >> reporter: geico customers can get a revised quote based on lower limits if they know to ask, but his group says they shouldn't have to. >> we say that if you're a working person, 15 minutes will cost you 50% more on geico's website. >> reporter: now, the department of insurance is investigating. and it says insurers are required to quote you the lowest rate you qualify for. geico has not responded to our requests for comment. as for my quote based presumably on occupation, insurers are allowed to have
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groups with special rates. they may have put me as a journalist in a special group. but the consumer union says that's a violation of law because they are using my occupation as a determining factor. i signed up once as a retail employee with a high school degree, a college degree with a journalist and i saved 20% as a journalist with a college degree. >> all right, julie. thanks. let's take you live out to sfo where we're told that air force one, there it is, has just landed. president obama aboard, we're also told he is headed to the fairmont hotel. he is in town for cyber security summited at stanford tomorrow, a fundraising events. beware streets are closed near the fairmont, muni is rerouting so commuters are affected and that's going to happen for the next couple of days as we receive seen in the past when he has been here. >> always lots of traffic when the president is in town. but hey, he lucked out with the weather. it's gorgeous. >> i think he came here for the sunshine. to warm up. >> he is going to palm springs
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after this. >> he could stop at pebble beach and see the golfing. >> that's right. >> pebble beach 80 degrees. >> oh, my gosh. >> 80 at pebble. >> it's really interesting because when you have certain spots that there's a mountain or a series of mountains or hills just to the northeast of you, you're going to skew about 5 to 7 degrees warmer than spots maybe a half mile away. that's because our winds come from the northeast. a few spots like oakland a record high today but walnut creek was cooler. that said, what a gorgeous -- look at that picture. oh, just spectacular with mainly sunny skies outside. we have temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. folks, we are just getting started. oakland 72. san francisco 70. that's why the president is here. washington, d.c. chilly. san francisco not chilly. san jose 67, san bruno 70. how warm today? our live neighborhood network we fired that up.
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san jos 76. 76 in the kimber hills academy in fremont topped out at 74. it will get chilly tonight. it's still february. the nights are long and inland spots will drop down not 40s. i'm not going to call it cold because it's not but it will feel chilly tomorrow morning as the kids head off to school for a final day before the holiday weekend. speaking of the holiday weekend the new year flower fair in chinatown. what a spectacular opportunity to come in and enjoy some beautiful weather in san francisco. sunshine with highs in the low 70s. there could only be one thing that would give us weather like this. that would be a super big super strong ridge of high pressure. we have been talking about in all week. it's here. i introduce to you this super big ridge of high pressure. let's talk about allowing it stays because that's the key. we know the warm weather is here. allowing will it persist before -- how long will it persist before something else moves in? all the way through president's day. it will park itself off to the west. temperatures run 10 to 18 degrees above mid-february averages and actually the ridge won't have to move that much for cooler weather to move back in because winds go clockwise
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around the ridge as soon as it pushes down to the south. we get more of an onshore flow and cooler weather will move in by tuesday. but not after several days with an opportunity for some record temperatures. we'll be clear and chilly and warm. record temperatures through monday. san francisco 72. it won't be a record but it's 12 degrees above average. san jose hits 76. cupertino 76. some of our cooler spots will be our inland valleys. san ramon 72. warm but not the warmest spot. pittsburg hits 69. benicia 71. 71 in alameda. 72 for you in novato. how about a friday afternoon in santa rosa with a high of 72 degrees? not bad for june. it's february! clearlake 75. saint helena 76 degrees. warmest days are the weekend. we have now shifted it back one day to saturday and sunday. up near 80 degrees in the south bay. >> wow. >> we're cooling off a bit monday and tuesday, more significant cooling next week. rainfall i don't see it for at least the next seven days. what i do see a lot of folks
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outside, the parks will be jammed, the restaurants will be jammed, and everybody should be smiling because we have the best weather in the world. >> very true. thank you. we are mourning the loss of a member of our cbs family tonight. long-time "60 minutes" correspondent bob simon was killed in a car accident. the legendary newsman died in a crash in new york city last night. a tragic ending to his nearly 50-year career. bob simon known for his coverage in war zones around the world. he went where the news was, risking his life along the way. he said he went to vietnam because history was being made. and at one point he spent 40 days as a p.o.w. when his news crew was taken by iraqi military. >> he used to say on his voicemail, he used to say, this is bob simon. i'm out of the office. and i may be for months. [ laughter ] >> but it was true. that's the way bob lived his life. he had been from the arctic
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circle to the antarctic circle and everywhere in between and he saw the world and brought it home to us. >> this was his 19th season on "60 minutes." a special tribute to bob simon going to air on the evening news which is coming up in just 10 minutes. and we'll be right back.
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to learn more, visit raley's family of stores on youtube. some parents in pennsylvania are outraged. their middle school students were given a word puzzle with the words spanking leather cuffs and bondage. some of the other words in the puzzle were more explicit. students said it came from a teacher but the district is staying tight-lipped. in tonight's jobs report jill schlesinger has tips on working in the environmental field. reporter: jobs with an environmental focus are popping up everywhere. if you are interested in a green job there are a variety of options to choose from.
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you can work at nonprofit environmental organizations, solar and wind technology companies, environmental science centers, think tanks, water resource agencies, government agencies, and conservation organizations. the so-called clean economy employs some 2.7 million workers. and salaries in the clean economy exceed those in the rest of the economy by roughly 13%. a typical clean economy job pays a median wage of nearly $44,000. according to pay scale, the highest paying green jobs include environmental engineering manager, sustainability director, and construction project manager. but don't let those lofty careers scare you off. you can also bring your skill as a bookkeeper, administrative assistant or marketing professional to a green-focused employer. to find green jobs in the bay area, check out
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight president obama has just landed. the eagle is down at sfo for a three-day trip. he is shaking hands now with the crowds. he will be attending a tech summit and a fundraiser here in san francisco. and then it's off to palm springs. and, um, we'll tell you why not everyone is excited about his visit. join us for that at 6:00. i'm guessing if he is going to palm springs he brought the golf clubs. >> he should stop by pebble beach get into the pro-am.
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not too late. >> see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott >> pelley: tonight, thousands >> pelley: tonight, thousands mourn three muslim students gunned down in north carolina, but was it a hate crime? more snow is headed to places that have too much already. bitter cold, too. and we'll remember bob simon, a reporter's reporter, who turned words into sweet symphonies. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: and if you ever questioned that music is the universal language, watch this. ♪ ♪ ♪ a german-speaking teacher tutoring a french-speaking african how to sing an aria in italian. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening.


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